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Following the CDC recommendations, we will be scaling back patient care only for ocular urgent care, emergencies and pickups only with limited hours. ALL ROUTINE EYECARE WILL BE SUSPENDED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE. It is a difficult decision to make but we felt it is the right decision. Follow our instagram @elevatevisioncare, Facebook and website for updates.


What does this semi closure mean?

  1. We will reschedule all routine annual exam to a later tentative date.

  2. If you need to replace glasses or contact lenses and need an extension of your prescription, please contact us and we will assist you until you can come in. We currently offer free home shipping on contact lenses.

  3. We have an online portal that will give you access to your prescription. Contact us for instructions.

  4. If you are running out of medications, please contact us and we will assist in getting a refill at your pharmacy. Our office line is 281.394.7090

  5. Call our emergency line for all urgent eye care and emergencies 832.412.3553. Dr. Dau will try to triage and meet you in the office.

  6. Visit the CDC for resources on COVID-19.


From a small business standpoint, this closure will be detrimental to our operation and cash flow. We don't know how long we can defer loans, rent, and bills payments but we will try to take it one day at a time. Our staff will still be paid.

As we are sitting down to carefully consider our options, crunch numbers, and mull over the uncertain future, we are optimistic and hopeful we will be back stronger than ever with the support of the communities. We worked hard to earn your trusts and businesses and hope to continue to serve our communities in our best capacity. At this time, public health risks outweigh the benefits of being fully open. We believe in putting patients first and profits will come later.


As a primary eyecare provider, we have the responsibility to uphold the Optometric Oath to put patient health as the first consideration and to do the utmost to serve our communities. We will do our part to "flatten the curve" by limiting exposure. We will remain open to take care of patients with urgent eye care needs. Our limited office hours are located at the home page. Please try not to inundate urgent care, hospitals and ERs with eye care issues that may be treated at an eyecare clinic. Don't go to the ER without seeing an eye doctor first for all eye health related problems.


Many small businesses share our same sentiment and hardship pain during this difficult time. Please consider supporting your local small businesses, mom and pop restaurants and eateries, and local shops. Leave local businesses a positive review on Google. Like their social media, order take outs, buy a gift certificate for future use and make a future appointment. We are all in this together.

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