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Contact Lens Evaluation


Whether you want to enhance your vision, change your eye color, be less dependent on glasses or readers, or have a lot of astigmatism, Dr. Dau can help prescribe the right contact lens for you. Schedule an appointment for an eye exam and to learn about the latest lens options for you. 

Did you know soft contact lenses were first introduced in the 1970s as an alternative to hard contact lenses made with a material called PMMA. Today, most contact lenses are made with a material called silicone hydrogel that is more porous and allows more oxygen to penetrate the cornea. 

Want the convenient of NEVER having to clean your lenses at night? Daily disposable contact lens is the answer. Daily disposable reduce risk of infections with a fresh pair in your eyes daily. These lenses provide comfort and vision without the hassle of storing and cleaning. You can go back and forth between glasses and contacts without all the hassle. Wear a pair to the gym, play sports or weekend outdoors adventures. We carry a variety of theses lenses, even for those with dreaded astigmatism. 


Just because you start to need reading glasses or still in denial, does not mean you have to wear bifocals. Dr. Dau have an array of contact lenses options that can help combat presbyopia. Custom multifocal contact lenses can help bring your vision into clarity at all distances. 

Scleral contact lenses are large-diameter gas permeable lenses custom designed to vault over the entire corneal surface and rest on the sclera, or the white part of the eye. Scleral contact lenses are used to therapeutically to treat severe dry eyes caused by conditions such as Sjogrens, graft versus host, and Stevens-Johnson syndrome. Sclerals provide comfort and vision in patients with keratoconus, post LASIK ectasia, irregular astigmatism, corneal transplant and patients intolerant in conventional soft contact lenses. 

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